Bye 2019, Hello 2020

2019 2020

Another hour and 2019 will end. FBMKLCI ended on its last trading day at 1,588 points, gaining the award of being one of the worst performing exchanges in the world.

Reflecting 2019

It is a year of setting priorities / things right. Building the right platform / infra / framework towards becoming a full time trader in the long run.

  • Managed to secure win rate of 50% (though the number of transactions is not significant). Overall profit / loss: close to breakeven (mild loss).
  • Continued to re-fine trading strategy with optimisation of indicators / signals using TradingView / pinescript
  • Continued to up-keep my technical analysis skills (although stopped pursuing data science / machine learning skills)
  • Managed to keep proper trade journal
  • Pay closer attention to macro developments
  • Continue to learn from “on the street” traders (not salesman)
  • Broad consistency has been achieved in terms of trading approach / results

What I think of 2020

KLCI will continue to remain bearish, until when at least domestic factors have been resolved. A Double Top has been confirmed. Price objective – 1,308 points (?).

FBMKLCI 31122019.png

Some individual stocks that I am closely following that may have possible positive momentum going into 2020:

Boustead Plantations

BPLANT 31122019.png




Pansar 31122019.png






TADMAX 31122019.png


MNRB 31122019.png

Global factors to watch: Trump election should not present much surprise. Trade wars – yet to see final outcome. A slowing China with rising delinquencies? Post BREXIT.

As the markets are in their late cycle, will remain overweight on fixed income, money markets and gold.

What I really hope to achieve in the next 5 years

  • I still believe the market will suffer a massive meltdown in the next 2-3 years (not the right time to do value / long term investing yet). Thereafter will focus on the recovery.
  • Semi-full time trader, with consistent net profits averaging about RM2K-3K per month or annual return of at least 15% per annum.

More importantly – stay healthy and eat moderate. Take care and happy new year 2020.

This post is not an investment advice or endorsement. Please refer to the General Disclaimer of the blog.

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