What should I do with my money now?

Frankly, this is what I would do now:

  1. Wait for volatility to rise in tandem with the upcoming US election on 3rd Nov. Then sell options (liquid ones like S&P, etc) prior to the election date.
  2. Balance your options portfolio towards beta-delta neutral and may hedge some positions (e.g protective put) if you are holding significant equity positions
  3. Continue to build your watchlist of Micro-Small Caps to buy in case they become cheaper over time.
  4. Malaysia moratorium just ended. Let the full one-month impact to sink in first. There will be continuous decline in daily trading volume. Currently, closely looking at at Johore Tin, Nova Wellness and EITA.
  5. Quarterly results (for the month Jul – Sep) will be announced. This is important to see whether post MCO – whether there is any real recovery or this permanent impacted results. Malaysia’s KLCI PE is relatively high at 22x, need to moderate further.
  6. Look for dividend yield instruments e.g UCHITEC or SPSETIA-PB.
  7. If the Malaysian budget is in Nov – may be there could be positive catalysts thereafter
  8. Been monitoring the stocks listed on SGX and possibly other ASEAN listed stocks.
  9. Portfolio re-balancing – if inflation creeps up, yield / interest rate goes up, time to reduce on fixed income assets and re-locate more towards equity / gold.
  10. More importantly – not about what you should do about your money, but more like work hard to educate yourself and to be ‘agile’ about the markets

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice or endorsement. Please refer to the general discalimer of this blog.

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