Pragmatic Parenting

I am certain that most people agree that it is not easy to be a parent.

May be we should not set too high expectations for the kids.

May be and just may be – we should adopt a trial and error approach on the kids.

We want the best for them. At the same time, what is best may not be what they want. May be being a parent needs to move ahead with time.

I believe in pragmatic parenting which entails

  • Let them gradually discover who they are – their strengths / weaknesses (instead of prescribing one fit path for them)
  • Accelerate their learning / integration towards the adult contemporary world
  • Do not compare with other kids
  • Continuous feedback loop and improvisation approach in addressing their weaknesses
  • Be part of their journey – understand their angle and position
  • Give them space and time
  • Discipline in form of incentive

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