My Story


My “second” life as a trader / investor. Or shall I say that I sincerely aspire to be a full-time trader / investor, hoping to jump out “completely” from my less-desired corporate life. If things work out well in the long run, I may aim to be an investment educator in this field or even write my own book.

I started this blog because I would like to capture / “institutionalise” my personal  thoughts in investing / trading during this rather ‘long’ journey. I also want to do my own personal analysis because I do not trust research companies which may be motivated by their own agendas. Do I trust investment gurus – some yes, some no (especially no for real marketeers). SUCCESS COMES WHEN YOU DO YOUR OWN ANALYSIS! 

So, are you a trader or investor? 

Both. Shouldn’t be a conflict of sort. I have segmented my personal portfolio into long term value investing and short term trading.

What is your focus? And why?

I am a global investor / trader. I look at global markets – equity / options (predominantly US and my home domicile, Malaysia).

I focus on US Options – given the fact that I do not have a lot of capital, using options would be a more meaningful approach of gaining exposure towards US stocks.

Also, given the lack of capital, I focus on micro-small cap listed companies. These companies lack of investors’ attention / generally trade at low liquidity, their share prices may not reflect their true value. Hence, I would like to look deeper into this space.

What’s your expectations on returns / win-rate?

Realistically, I hope to achieve at least 10% return per annum and at least 60% win-rate for all my trades. Say I am 40 years old and I started with $80K as opening balance. I may want to contribute $500 per month. With 10% return per annum and for an investment period of 20 years – I may able to achieve an end balance of close to $900K. Given the prevailing low yield environment, I honestly feel 10% is pretty good at this moment in time.

MyGoal 2021

Should you trust me?

No, you shouldn’t. You should consult a personal financial consultant or licensed  financial adviser. This blog is a depository of  my own writings and they are strictly for entertainment purpose only.

What is an ideal portfolio?

Depends on your age and how risk adverse are you. For a mid-age person, i would think such portfolio composition may be OK:

  1. 70% in equity
  2. 20-25% in fixed income
  3. 5-10% in alternative assets (e.g P2P, Gold, BTC, etc) 

Further breakdown re 70% in equity,

  • 75-80% in long term value investing
  • 20-25% in short term trading

What is the difference between small and micro cap?

Different people have different definitions. Personally, I treat companies with market cap of less than $300m (in local currency) as micro cap. Anything between $300m and $1b (local currency) is deemed as small cap.

Why do I hate corporate life?

Politics, a lot of Lalang here and there. Not easy to climb the corporate ladder. If you make the wrong move, your career may cut short….. I prefer to deal with the markets, just me and the markets. No one else. Make my own decisions, live with the decisions.


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